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Final Contributions

As the final weeks of our semester approaches, i submit my last two pr. During these months i have learned many things and had fun doing it. Working with Github and Git was the best learning experience i had throughout the months. I also had the opportunity of researching and experimenting with open source technologies. Overall everything i learned from this course i will for sure use, for instance, using git at the workplace or use of open-source technology for other projects.

I took the time this week to review the requested changes made to one of my pull request that i had made to vscode. I managed to close two changes but i have one more change request to make before i could ask them to review it again. 

Last week my plan was to learn more about Lighthouse and implement it into our course project. After a few days of working on this issue, i came to a conclusion of using the following code as my solution:
"lighthouse-index": "lighthouse http://localhost:3000 --output-path=./ --view"
"lighthouse-login": "lighthouse http://localhost:3000/login.html --output-path=./ --view"
Once running the following scripts, Lighthouse runs through our html pages and spits our results which with the flags --output-path and --view will save the html file locally and open a tab to display the results.

After submitting my pull request, my course instructor suggested that i make a few changes. One of the changes was adding another script to run the project on the web because my script requires the project to be running. Something i missed it and did not take into consideration. After the changes were made and reviewed my code got merged into the master branch.

"lighthouse": "cross-env PORT=3000 npm-run-all -r -p server lighthouse-index"
For future projects, i will take advantage of npm scrips as it provides a way to automate boring tasks.

For my second pull request, i had the opportunity of learning about more open source technology. For the issue, i had to combine eslint with prettier and add it to the project. Also within the issue there was a request for adding eslint plugin for cypress which i followed the instructions on their Github page. I created this pull request for the issue. I'm waiting for the main contributor to review what i have done. I'm hoping to do more with this issue i resolved like adding rules and create scripts for the project.


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